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April 28, 2014



This is a band that seems to have the right attitude. Perhaps that's why they have such a long career. Even some (perhaps many) independent unknown artists would be saying "forget this", and not even get on the stage. I would imagine the band Great White has a good level of humility. Perhaps they were getting paid a nice sum of money anyway.

Regardless, from a standpoint of playing in such a big stadium in front of 16 people, they are certainly not all about ego, or snobs. This performance sets a good example for other bands. Did they sing "Here I go again on my own"?


3000 Records



Yeah I respect that you have to do what you have to do! And the show must go on. Every show's not gonna be a sellout always (There are many reasons why this happens). I have certainly always had some respect for who ever shows up to any of my performances be it 3 or 3000 that's the only spirit I know for being a true entertainer. Give'm a show. I've been in a situation with a small crowd who could tell that the band really didn't want to be on stage with so little people in the crowd and unfortunately it showed. To the comment above Great White's hit was "Once Bitten!" "Here I Go Again" Is the other White.."White Snake." Blessings Bro!


Persistence is what separates hard workers from quitters. Eventually, those left standing will rise to the top. It's also a testament to doing what you want out of passion and not money. If it was about money, they'd have refunded the tickets, I'm sure. Props to them. Things like this earn my respect so hard and fast.


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