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June 21, 2013


Josh Gilmore

Totally agree! There's still a lingering fear in musicians, especially in Nashville, of "giving away" their music on awesome platforms like Spotify. The fact is, technology has changed the way people consume music, and you have to be open to getting your music out there, even if it means "losing money." The people listening on Spotify probably weren't going to buy your album anyway. But if they fall in love with your album, they'll probably be at most of your shows, buy a t-shirt, and tell their friends. I haven't purchased a CD or MP3 in years, but I spend a lot of money on concerts and a lot of time promoting great bands I discover on Spotify. Let people consume your music in every possible way -- it'll pay off.


I'm not only an artist whose music is on Spotify, but I'm also a premium subscriber. And it's BECAUSE I have access to so many albums that I can preview that I actually spend more money on music than ever, in addition to the $10/month I'm spending on Spotify. I think this argument gets lost on a lot of people who only look at the profitability (or seemingly lack thereof) of streaming music services. They don't take into account that many people use these services to inform their future music purchasing.


HI David, This is a great idea. I seen something else pretty cool using QR codes (and I agree, not sure how effective they are, but the great thing is you can track just how well they work). There are arm bands that you can give at at gigs with a picture of your artwork and a qr code for a direct download of a track. Pretty cool I thought.

David Hooper

That is a great idea!

You can buy "download wristbands" with either QR codes or a special password, which allow you to let people who come to your shows get a download later. Strangely enough, have always thought of that for albums, but I think it's a great idea for singles, or for downloads of that night's show, since you can do those more often and keep things fresh.

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