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November 10, 2012



Sorry, but I see it as a distasteful advertorial of iPod.


I think it's great. Music therapy is still a bit of an untapped region. And I don't think it's distasteful. Part of marketing is showing the world the story of your product and how it helps others. Sure, it could just as easily be done with a CD player or a Spotify account, but it's who takes the initiative that counts.

And I'm not even sure who is producing the film. They could be just using the term iPod because that's what they happen to have.


I agree, it was great to see this. I believe that the dated music was also triggering some good memories that he had back in the day, hence causing a positive reaction. He was also sharp in giving God the credit for this wonderful gift of musical sounds. I will often listen to upbeat music in the early part of the day to get me in an energetic mood and in the evenings slow songs to wind me down and I do notice a difference. Check out 2 Chron. chapter 20.

David Hooper

This wasn't a promo for iPod. She was using an iPod, just like many people do, and called it by name.

I had a guest on Music Business Radio a few years ago, Anastasia Brown, that talked about how music helped her husband, Tony Brown, get better after an injury. http://blog.musicbusinessradio.com/2006/10/episode_11_anas.html for those interested in that.

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