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October 07, 2012


Toggo Ultrarock

I highly recommend using LeechBlock for anyone using Firefox (Chrome & IE have similar versions). It's a browser-run plugin that lets you set the times you want to allow yourself to surf on any given sites, and block you out for the rest. I use it and it has majorly increased my productivity. Just google "LeechBlock".


Yes play more, but where? Do you even know who where you should be gigging to make the best possible connections and get the best chance of sales? Do an evaluation, get a VERY CLEAR picture of who you audience really is, the ones that will follow you off the cliff, send money, support and share you (on the social sites so you don't have to!). There is just as much NOISE at a lot of the CLUBS as there is online in social media, where do you have the best chance to stand out, figure it out. The answers just might surprise you!


BTW, another great post. Please don't stop. :-)

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