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July 30, 2012


Phil Johnson

Funny timing for this post. I was just reminded of the anniversary of a show like this. Five years ago I showed up to do a gig at a 200 seater on a weeknight. 2 people showed up. Just 2.

They weren't yet fans of any of us, but had driven two hours to see the show for their anniversary celebration.

The other comics and I did the best show we could and they had a great time. That same couple since has hosted me for house concerts, attended lots more shows, bought everything I've ever released, and introduced my work to their friends and family.


My band were booked in a really nice venue earlier this year. It was a really last minute Under 19's night. Only a few (5 maybe) turned up. We were on first. We decided to just go as nuts as possible for fun.

Dramatic intro kicked in, got to the first heavy part, I stretch my legs fairly far apart, feel something in my knee click and fall forwards flat on to my face. At this point, the laughter from the 5 or 6 people watching was louder than anything coming from the stage. My bandmates were also laughing. They thought I was joking.

Had to play the rest of the set on a chair because I couldn't move my leg. Went to the Docs, turns out I ruptured a muscle in my leg somewhere.

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