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May 22, 2012



All the promo items shown in the photos I got for FREE from www.vistaprint.com - FYI


I can dig it. Thanks for sharing.

J. Black

I certainly agree with this article. I certainly share my life unrelated to music and it ties in. Since I push Soulfully Delicious Contemporary R&B as my style I also share my recipes and cooking methods for Soulfully Delicious Recipes and post videos and pictures of my culinary creations. Great Blog David!


Nice, I like point one particularly


One more thing -- on anything like gig advertisements (posters or local entertainment mags), and any of the "on-site" signs, you can add one of those new QR codes. They are all but ubiquitous, and anyone with a smart phone can grab a pic and jump right to any page you want them to on your website.

I don't work for these guys (it's free anyway), but I edit the Nashville Blues Society's printed newsletter, and I have added QR codes to ads, reviews and event listings. I found this site that generates free QR codes that you can download...

Go to http://qrcode.kaywa.com/
BTW, I found them by googling "QR Code Free" and got quite a few hits. Anyway, you can type in (better to copy and paste) a URL, text or phone number and they generate a code that you can save and add to your artwork. I DO suggest that you get it as large as you can, and convert from RGB to Black and White, and if you can adjust the contrast make the black as dark as you can and the white as white as possible (as opposed to dark gray on light gray, respectively)...


Just as I hit enter, it hit me -- it doesn't HAVE to be your website. It can be (as -duh - the article's headline reads), your facebook page, the fB page of the venue or festival, it's your choice. Just gotta have a URL or SMS code to send them, and you're set!

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