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February 20, 2012


Jazmine James

This was an interesting blog. I will make sure to use these tips when I travel next month. Thank you for sharing!


Hello, there are women musicians who need to pack, too! And all things being NOT equal, we need to bring some looks, whatever our style.
I have a pair of killer bandstand shoes, and some stylish flats (no need to twist your ankle lugging gear) for getting around when not onstage.
AC and heat can wreak havoc, not just on the tuning of your instrument . So, a silk shawl that looks great even right out of the bag, comes in handy.
Emergency glucose tablets for that sugar low, and some trail mix bars that won't melt into a chocolaty mess. I found myself at a gig on a beach, no food for the band, off-site parking, no quick trip to a food place. Not even pizza delivery available. So have that stash for yourself and your bandmates to power up for the next couple of hours.

Anna Lopez

great tip, specially for me who loves to travel, it really helps, often when I go to events, talks and conventions I have this silly attitude of forgetting things a lot, even bringing not my so favorite and appropriate clothes for an event and that would lead me to rush shopping which is not that advisable to do.

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