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January 12, 2012


Phil Johnson

That's hardcore Dave.... But I'm sure effective. Someone else turned me onto a Seinfeld technique. I have a page filled with boxes from 1 to 365 and every day that I write I get to put a red X in the box. And the goal is to not break the chain of red X's.

Less extreme than potentially giving money to morons, but it's working for me so far.

Looking forward to the new book!


Hi David, this is Tamal and my first time posting a comment. I like the idea that your friend suggested, $250 sent everyday if you miss a day writing.

I gotta start something like that. (I am doing some sort of marketing and needs me to work everyday on that)

And I am a lazy guy :)

Though I subscribed to your feed in my mail and would like to read your copy Dave. Just get on to it and write and keep us informed :D

David Hooper

I think the Seinfeld option is great. That's something I'd love to see built in to a task manager like Things.

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