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January 04, 2012



Good strategy.
Some of my fans are impressed that I can manage two releases a year. But I'm constantly thinking abouy how to speed up the process.
Especially for an upcoming artist, I believe it's very useful to have a large output of work. It shows the world that you're committed and have discipline.
Also, when you hit the big time, you'll have a lot of material to draw on. Many artists complain that when they became famous and started touring, they didn't have the time to write new material.
So: Make a schedule and some deadlines for yourself. And if that means throwing perfectionism out the window - so be it: That's a valuable lesson, right there.

Matt Mugford

A band called Sleeping At Last did that last year. 12 amazing EP's in 12 months called the Yearbook project. Check it out: www.sleepingatlast.com

Stephen gipson

Because i have something to tell the world and instead of screaming it I would rather sing it and let it go straight to the heart

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