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November 16, 2011



Mmm... Delicious :)

Angie Woods

Let me guess it took longer to make cause people were eating the jelly beans instead of creating art with them....LOL

Phil Johnson

And no Jelly Belly sponsorship?


Wow this is amazing! :D

Nick Taylor

Inspiring even to old singer/songwriters like myself .. lovely to see simplicity made in small steps by cool people .. thanks!


seriously, cool video and all, but don't try to cast this out as the standard "your video must be this good..." its an efficiency nightmare, and a collosal waste of resources that could have been used to really make a difference in SOMETHING. i get, cute girl, cute song, cute video, lots of fun for everyone involved....

But with 22 month 30 people, 1357 odd hours they could have done something SERIOUSLY AMAZING. not made a cute little organic "hand made" video.

It sure is nice to see a departure from the flashy club scene videos and all... but 2 years... It may be the "scrappy, underfunded entrepreneur" in me, but 2 years is INSANE.

Patricia Shih

I LOVE THIS! Bravo to all involved. Fun, funky, artsy, imaginative, creative... all that. Congrats to all!

David Hooper

Jamie - Great points. I think it probably could have been done faster than it was, but I imagine they were dealing with the "good, fast, and cheap" issue. You can only have two at a time... Hopefully, with more money, they'd be able to speed things up.

Wei Gao

It's amazing!It's such a cool video!Great job!~

Becky Jenkins

Agree it's a brilliant video, but I have to say that for videos to be effective they do not have to be this good or take this long to produce. For example a simple video about the people behind the music can add to credability and play an important role in the marketing mix.

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