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October 05, 2011


 Nicholas Cote

He was a pioneer and an innovator. Can you believe how much music has changed since the atrac? Although others existed, the iPod definitely set the stage for mp3 players. Let's hope Apple can keep the machine well-oiled.

David Hooper

He apparently left behind four years worth of new Apple projects. We'll see...


What about the musician, how they make money now?There isn't money in the industry to invest in the new bands?

David Hooper

Seita - If you have something that the "music industry" thinks will sell, there is money available.

As far as bringing in money yourself, I am finishing up a new book, which I'll be giving away here for free, which will give you plenty of ideas.

Ross Key

Anxious to see this new book, David. :)

Luis Anthony Oliveros

Steve Jobs is a tireless innovator and a rare intellect, something humanity actually needs. And in his passing he left us with a strong legacy that can be used to roadmap the future of technology, music (among many other things), as well as the direction we as a race is headed.

Sam Chapman Entertainment Agents

It's weird how some people are so significant in technological developments. I don't believe he set out to change the music industry and how music is sold. it just occured naturally due to his vision!

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