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July 12, 2011



Great post - it's good to be encouraged not to jump on the first offer of management that comes along when the contract isn't quite right!

Thanks :-)


These tips are truly helpful, thanks! I know it greatly affects a person's performance and success when the manager behind him is a great person.


Loving this post!

Manager is a new family member. So if you are married it is important if your manger and your signifacnt other half get along!!!

So many intricate factors to take care of when you look just past the music.


How do you hamdle being in love and have started a relationship with manager of the band before they started managing the group. The details is that neither one of us knew what the other did when we met. I asked the manager to manage me and the manager sings background for me the lead singer. We tried to keep the relationship a secret but we had one particular pushymale band member that wouldnt let it rest until he started confusion. We worked great together prior to this particular band member stiring up problems. We love each other any suggestions?

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