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July 13, 2011



Evolution of the dj. Ever seen dmc championships?. Been happening for years just the toys have changed. Well done for creative execution.

David Hooper

Alex, you're right about DMC and the style of music, but only recently has it gotten so big that it can no longer be ignored by the bean counters. This video has only been up a few days and it already has 270,000+ views. DMC used to sell videotapes of the event and I doubt they moved more than 10,000.

Very similar to file sharing... Home taping isn't anything new, but we care about it a lot more now than we did previously, because things are getting messy.

Beyond that though, guys like Medeon, who is only 17, grew up around this stuff so they're more comfortable with things like a Launchpad and computers than they are "standard" instruments. So it's going to get more interesting than ever.

On a related note... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3jkUhG68wY


whatever it is he's talented.

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