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July 07, 2011


Tom Siegel

Thanks Dave, I really like this concept. It points to getting musicians to think a little bit outside of song creation and into a business mindset. I would really like to add something to this discussion. Here's the thing... Yeah expand your product line to recycle your current customer (fan) base and capture more of their attention (dollars)... Great!! But don't get into a business that is none of YOUR business. To use the hot sauce example: Sure if you private label a hot sauce with your band name and stick it on the merch table at your Stage 2 of the Pig Roast Festival gig, that is easy enough and could make you a little bit more money than you would have otherwise. But, don't go thinking about major distribution of hot sauce and competing for shelf space with Tabasco (or Jack Daniel's) in grocery stores unless you actually know the ins and outs of that business or are willing to learn.

That's my 2 cents. Thanks for the post.

Tom Siegel

David Hooper

Tom - Agree with you, so just to make the point more clear... I'm talking about ideas for expansions on band-related merch, beyond the usual t-shirts and CDs, more than a new business. Something that actually points people back to consuming your music.

Website video production

I think there's a limit on it though - it is all about brand loyalty but at the same time it's easier to put a mark-up on some crappy products which have your brand plastered all over it - when it goes too far beyond T-shirts and it goes into 'Jack Daniels life insurance' for example, it makes you a bit skeptical....


There are a lot of artists already doing this.
Zac Brown Band - they do a whole barbecue thing
Marcus Johnson - he has his "FLO" lifestyle design and now with his own "FLO" wine! What a great idea for a jazzer!


Expanding means you are having much success in your business and that is good news! Keep up the good work. Continue doing the good things that you are doing and your business will just keep on expanding.


We had a big name artiste here (Luanda, Angola) who released his 5 track,4 video album accompanied by perfume and embroidered pillowcase merchandise. He is now recording a feature length film which features the songs from his album!

I guess the more famous you are the more merchandising your brand can support!!!

P.S. What a great page James.

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