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July 19, 2011


Jonathan Roberts

Great post David. I can't say that any one topic of advice is more important than another except preparation (which is why it's at the top of your list, I guess). Not drinking or using drugs seems pretty obvious but I'm surprised at how many people think it makes them a better recording artist when in reality many people just get frustrated working with them. I coach my clients on how to relax and not get stuck on over listening during playback as that can also increase stress in the studio. I have to remind them no one else knows what they intend to sound like and if the consensus in the room is that they sound great, then we need to trust that and move on and listen with fresh ears later.

I also posted about "recording your best vocals"--a before, during, and after guide to working in the studio as a singer at http://www.ilovetosing.com/2011/04/record-your-best-vocals/.


I believe taking breaks is so very important in any job in the world. If you work and work, without having the chance to take a rest even for a few minutes, your body gets tired and it will no longer cooperate, causing you to fail to accomplish the goals you have.

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