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June 27, 2011



The kids that listen to my music don't know about these cliche's because they aren't old enough to have heard them before. I do agree with most of these though.

I like hearing love songs because even though they are all about love.. none of them capture what I'm feeling EXACTLY, and so I like to hear the differences in the writers experience and mine. and what about Adele? Almost her whole album was about love. I consider her a great songwriter.

My 2 cents

David Hooper

Singing about love isn't a bad thing in itself, but it's a good idea to do it in a way that hasn't been done before. A simple "I Love You" is likely to get lost.

Chris "Seth" Jackson

This post is hilarious! How about dismemberment and satanism from metal bands? :)

But I agree with this post. I like songs that can put a unique twist on a common theme. Even if the subject has already been done before, an original viewpoint can help me connect to it.

...However, I still love the punk cover of The Muppet's "Rainbow Connection". You can't take that away from me, David.

Scott Colesby

Although I use it all the time, I'll throw it in.

Repeating the first verse as the third verse.


The post is not about the subjects being overused, it's how they sing about it that is overused, always using the same damn words&lines over and over again.

Brian Penny

Since Lil Wayne took over the commercial rap industry, I've noticed more and more rappers trying to rhyme different versions of the same word over and over (a trick Weezy himself does repeatedly).


The most overused rhyme I tend to see is 'feel' with 'real', as in 'the way I feel/It's so real'. Lazy.

There seems to be a surplus of songs on commercial radio which are about how rich or famous the singer is, or how extravagant their lifestyle is. I never understand how these are so successful as surely the audience can't relate to them, but strangely they are. It's getting very old.

Matt D

I know this post was about songwriting as it relates to the words, but what really drives me crazy is the lack of creativity in the melodies and the chords writers choose. I like to be taken on a journey...to be challenged. If I can pick up my guitar and play right along with a song I've never heard before, the song needs a dose of creativity!


Nice post. Sometimes using a cliche in a new way makes for a likeable song. If people like it, that's pretty cool. By the way, isn't Florida "The Sunshine State"?


I hate profanity, a lot of people love saying these (should I say) bad words, though, sad to say. :-( Why can't we keep our thoughts, words and actions clean? That way, the world will be a much better place to live in. :-)


My 2 Cents... Love it, what we need is a theme. You know, a little flag to say this is me!!!

Is Florida the sunshine state (Huge smile). And boy do I agree that music is very simple these days. basically chords I IV and V with the occasional ii or vi thrown in.

What I love most of all is when authors (and I use that term very loosely) use a melody from a song from the 80's, because the young pop market will probably have no reference point for it.

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