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June 02, 2011


Bob Baker


Yes, I read that one and wrote a response to it back in March at

You may notice I have some strong opinions about it :-)

David Hooper

You are right in that the "Golden Age" never existed. That concept is something that I think a lot of people don't get. The Tea Party, for example...

Fun to think about, but we have to work with what is, realizing that things are always progressing, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Kelli Smith

Super interesting debate!

I had a hard time with the premise in the Pollack article that "people are just not willing to pay for music." This sounds a little like an excuse to me... and that the music is not being looked at as a product to be marketed, as it should be. There is free shit everywhere... but somehow people still spend billions of dollars a year on the very same stuff they can get for free... so why would music be any different?

I agree with Bob in his response... the music industry has never been good for musicians/artists. Only a miniscule percentage of musicians get "rich" making music... a little larger percent make a living, and the majority struggle. Having that "gatekeeper" model go down is certainly not bad for artists, but as Bob said... can be pretty scary. There's no "dream" to fantasize about (that magical day that you get "signed" and the struggle is over - yeah right!), and the dream is replaced by the stark reality that real success in ANY business takes work... and most of it isn't the fun stuff. That sucks... so I can see why musicians are a little worried - making music is fun, the business of music is not for most of them.

But, I don't think they should worry. A new structure that looks great but ultimately exploits the "talent" will show up again. The musicians who are not smart and not willing to work for their success will "fall for it," and hopefully those who want real success will see this time as the gift it is... take some internet/direct marketing classes, and milk it for everything they can.

Bandorah Mandy

I don't agree with the music industry mentality but it has never been good for musicians or artists. It is something we have to live with and adopt.



The music business isn't failing, the recording industry is. The labels are fine, and with the 360 deals they are making now days, they are gonna be around for much longer than you think. It's the little people, the studio workers (manager, engineer, assistant engineer, runner) these are the people being laid off and loosing their jobs.


Hi I could`nt agree more, artists are suffering and the availability of free music online is growing with the likes of peer to peer. It`s a pitty and will impact heavily on the future as less and less young artists will be able to do what they love and are good at for a living and the standard of music will surley drop.


Well, I music as a hobby to most people today, not only in 5 or 10 years from now. I personally love music, it makes my day lovelier and happier!

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