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June 29, 2011



I've been hearing about this book from many sources. Seth Godin's blog said something about getting $200 of free music for buying the book in any format (though I think that is audio format). I was just going to buy it on Amazon, but wanted to find out how to get the free music first.


wow, Im a recording artist from Las Vegas, and what this is guy is saying is 100 true, that is something a lot of old timers say abou this city. And he does make a point, this is a business but it also needs to be enjoyable and fun, not just tedious. Its bad enough that music as an industry has collapsed and having to go true a million math equations and strategies to make a couple of bucks, its not why we make music.

David Hooper

http://www.thedominoproject.com/authors-gift-more-than-200-songs-when-you-purchase-anything-you-want has more info on the music bonus as well as a link to the songs you'll get.


Good Derek!
I agree with you and my philosophy is tracking along with these ideas! I can say that I am happy! and love life and don't need to keep up with the Jones'.. I look forward to my morning coffee and starting a new creative day!! Creativity leads me many ways and I can't stop creating...it is a pleasure! Creating music is one of my many endeavors!

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