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June 09, 2011


David Hooper

Still getting emails from this guy. Today I got a photo and a this message...

Hi david hooper yesturday un known person delited some of mesages you sent for me but if your writing keep on using this adress (REMOVED@gmail.com) for another internet cafe but my acount NO REMOVED, in barclays bankthis is the telephone number i used ithe bank TEL+REMOVED and the ID NO i gave you,all these details there in the bank pliz i request you kindly send money direct to my AC becouse some ugandan people are un trusted and jeracy have agood day.

Gotta admire the tenacity...


Bet you never thought you'd use that story quite this way. It takes skill to weave that in.. good illustration. The all too unfortunate truth is that most people don't get the common sense side of marketing,especially when it requires a little more leg work than they expect it to.

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