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May 24, 2011


Gemma @ Soul Music Blog

I think it depends on a number of things. Some people can't wait to see their favourite bands. That's normal. But if you ask someone and they're umming and awwing, then they're probably only coming to give you moral support. I guess, at first you can lean on that, then afterwards, you'll need to find people who love the music you make, that enjoy your performances, because you'll also enjoy much more, performing to them, and making music for them.

Duss Rodgers

On the nose again David. Knowing your fans is absolutely key to proper positioning in a musicians campaign efforts. These are some of the reasons the huge corporations like Walmart are so effective. Their database systems track all purchases from time, value and quantity to how you paid. Cash or credit. This information really does matter if you want to get the right "stuff" in your customers radar.

Music Marketing Chris

Nice one David, I got the Falling Fred app too.

Another example of this is finding out who's selling the most music in your scene and then working out why their making such a deep connection with the market.

Good old bit of song analysis can help.

- Chris

David Hooper

I pretty much grab everything off the top of the iPad/iPhone and music charts. I feel it helps to keep on top of trends, but with the iPad, also like to see the innovation. Some very creative people out there...

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