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April 04, 2011



I love the idea about the clock. This is also true for sending emails. Everyone wants something different. Some people don't want a physical copy they want a download. Some want a link others want a zip file. Best thing I've found is to have an Excel file with a notes section which I keep updated and try to do as each contact person wishes. It's much more time consuming but I believe worth it in the long run.


Thank you for reinforcing the fundamentals that matter, David.

Good stuff!

J.P. Kallio

It's so true. And I think it goes with merchandise as well. People want something organic rather than mass produced.

drew Roberts

What is to stop you from sending two packages to the same person. Once creative and one vanilla/manila?

If one gets tossed or ignored, perhaps the other will make it through...

Music Promotion Chris

Great post David.

I think a lot of musicians get sick of sending out their stuff because they follow the shotgun approach of mass mailing everyone in the music industry contacts book.

It's much easier to come up with really clever ways to get your stuff opened and noticed, if you laser target the people you are going to send to, and if you actually try and get them interested before hand.

Loving your blog as always.

- Chris

Dave Lopez

While working on a project I once received a package from a vocalist who's press kit was inside a milk carton. That was a clever vessel for sure, but the outside of the carton resembled an actual milk product. The best part was that the Missing Persons side of the carton showed the vocalists face and a short bio about his abilities. We instantly called him in and actually hired him.

It was clever and successful. It didn't hurt that he was also a great singer.

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