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March 11, 2011



Wow, powerful question. Personally I think there should be a high bar, but obviously culture/mass media has long held one that's quite low...


I'll draw a distinction between "dealing with a certain musician or his music". I'd judge the musician - but not the music.
For example, the classic James Brown tracks didn't stop being funky as hell just because James started behaving erratically.
The painter Caravaggio accidentally killed a man (he was "only" trying to castrate him). That doesn't make art museums pull his paintings off their walls.
History is full of examples of unpleasant people making great art.
In fact, one of the great things about art is that it surpasses its creator.


Is the correct answer GG Allin?

David Hooper

The difference between GG and the people I mentioned was that GG actually wanted to be a criminal. :)

Allen Tate

Great question. It seems to me in the past few months, one of his songs was used in a commercial, that is, until it was brought to the company's attention what he'd done. A perfect example of art surpassing the author. Wish I could remember what company it was.

I have mixed feelings about it because I really love "Do You Wanna Touch" but don't want to support him financially, no matter now small, by covering it.

I am pleased that you brought other examples into the equation. Vince Neil is a perfect example of screwballs who keep screwing up. His recent DUI and minuscule time served for that charge. One would think the 1984 deadly DUI would have been the lesson. I better shut up, I'm starting to wander off-topic...

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