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February 25, 2011


Music Marketing Chris

Yeah I guess there are two schools of thought on this.

Either you go the old school rock star route, drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels and "winging it"...

Or you prepare, either way you should do a good interview ;-)

- Chris

Brad Fallon

I rather prefer the Jack Daniels way and never prepare.

Vic Stathopoulos

I never thought of the idea of preparing a set up questions for interview. This is handy because you can prepare yourself also its good practice to practice answers especially if its a live interview for tv / internet video or live phone interview.

Vic Stathopoulos


I had to do that for a festival recently where I was one of the panelists on this mastering panel - The female moderator seemed to be chosen for her looks not her technical knowledge - So I came up with the agenda for the entire panel! The trick is to lose the negativity that you're doing the job for someone else and focus on the fact that you get to design your dream interview.

Good luck to the Jack Daniels approach - that might have worked 10 years ago but unless you're a train wreck celebrity, I doubt that will do much for your fan base.

Thanks for the good post

Steve B

Legendary Coach John Wooden was the biggest advocate of preparation, even in the most trivial and mundane aspects, like putting on socks. He also believed that success was in the preparation or "journey" than in the game or performance. When in the music game, media is your biggest ally, having a steam list to plug is great for making sure you cover all the bases you want to increase your TRUE fan base and make sales. "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." If that's what you want, enjoy the bottle, but don't quit your day job.

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