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October 03, 2010



I really love this post. I've noticed this phenomenon about the people who are closest to me. They rarely know when I have shows, or some new stuff out. Yet people who are less familiar (who I know just through Facebook or through shows,) happen to know alot more about what I'm putting out. It's a common mistake to just assume that your friends and fam just happen to know what you're up to . You have to really be persistent about keeping people up to date, but in a non annoying way.


Would you say now, over a year later, the 84% statistic is still true? Have recent developments in social media and mobile applications helped any?

David Hooper

I think social media certainly can help in a situation like this, but most acts, believe it or not, aren't pushing for fans to connect with them in this way. IF you are, your number will be better than 16%. :)

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