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September 10, 2010


Phil Johnson

The nudity thing is "whatever". She's not the first to use her charms to sell records and won't be the last.

However, with her younger fanbase I'd lay off the coke talk. You can push boundaries without setting kids on the wrong path.


Younger fanbase??? I am 51 yrs old and have to say I love her!!! Did you see what the REAL meaning of what the MEAT costume was?? She explained it on the Ellen show.
Really very touching to be honest. She is an intelligent woman.!!!


i loved almost everything lady gaga did even the meat costume but admitting she does coke immediately puts her in the Amy Winehouse/Paris Hilton category for me...

Lee Fox

After seeing her behavior, would I allow my child to have anything to do with her.

Nope. I hold myself and my family to a higher standard than that.

The more she exposes her true nature, the more those that are repelled (or, likely to be repelled) by her will be pushed away.

Conversely, those that are attracted to her and her antics will be drawn to her and more tightly cleave to her.

It helps her cut through the noise and be seen by those that enjoy and want more of what she offers.

How far would I go for publicity?

As far as my natural tendencies take me. For the same reasons that Lady Gaga is doing what she's doing. It helps cut through the noise and be seen by those that enjoy and want more of what I offer.

For example, when I see somebody saying something stupid on a blog I'm interested in, I post and unapologetically lay it out like it is. I don't hide behind an anonymous name. Those that look up who I am then get to see what I do.

Are there some things I wouldn't do?

Absolutely. I'd look silly in a meat dress.

Should an artist with a "young" fanbase censor themselves more than one who appeals to an older demographic?

Yes. If an artist sets themselves up as 'youth friendly', they must then be responsible and take that position seriously. Very seriously.


Two things on GaGa...

1st she openly states her stage name came from Freddie Mercury's tune "Radio Gaga", a song that laments the sad state of music. Do I have to amplify?

2nd, I predict she will be the 1st "artist" to fuck something on stage. Forcing Pink to counter by getting laid while suspended in mid-air by a rope.

Linda L.

I'm all over with my thoughts on this subject, but here's my two cents, since you asked...

Lady Gaga is a very talented person and quite the shocker, just like Howard Stern. I'm sure if you really get to know her as a friend, she's probably the nicest, kindest person you ever wanted to know. However, I do believe there are limitations to what she should do or say publicly because children mimick those actions and they don't really completely think about the consequences or end results of their actions.

I don't like doing drugs, drinking, or doing harm to my body; but other people have their own free choices and as long as it doesn't effect me and as long as they're nice to me, I don't care what they do. But, I don't think they should so freely put things out in public like that because it influences anyone under the age of 20 because they do not know exactly who they are yet or where they're going in life and they might mimick those things to be like Lady Gaga or whomever. If you are over 21 and you choose to enjoy those antics or copy someone, well, you are free to do as you so please, but I'd advise that you research all sides of the spectrum first because you usually end up saying in the future, "I wish I never did that."

The problem with people today is that everyone's out to get some kind of publicity; and whether that be good or bad, it still gets you ratings because people want to see what crazy thing you'll do next. Would you top your own crazy stunts for even more publicity? They would because in this world, the crazier you are, the more money you make through all the publicity and marketing you'll get. I don't mind some of the craziness, but there is such as thing as going too far.

People change and sometimes you go with how you feel. You could feel sweet and innocent one day and the very next day want to rip your clothes off for Playboy because you feel like doing something wild & crazy. Everyone's out to prove they are different, they are special, and that they are unique and individual; but the truth is, we are all the same... only some of us are willing to shred the skin of insecurity & peer-pressure to step outside the boundaries of acceptable society.

I believe in originality, honesty, doing things you believe in, and not covering up how you really feel in a moment. However, there are limitations even for me if I were in the public eye of young people or any age of people for that matter and there are certain places you are allowed to be quite free while other places are more toned down and conservative. I don't need all that kind of attention and I certainly do not wish to be labeled something that I'm not. But I get wild & crazy sometimes while I'm feeling funny and I cannot control what other people do or say, I can only control my thoughts, words and actions. If you go with how you feel, the only advice I would offer is to stand behind your actions because it could be held against you by other people for the rest of your life. As long as you're willing to accept that, all will be fine.

Additionally, I cringe at the thought of a meat dress, but if that's what she wants to do, then she can follow her instincts. Personally there are more important things to me, like feeding the families that are not making ends meet, rather than wearing the food and then throwing it out. I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if I wasted good food that could have fed a hungry or unfortunate family. However, it doesn't mean that I look down upon Lady Gaga for doing so... I only meantion that I would have felt bad because I would rather help someone else than pull a stunt for publicity like that... I have a conscience that beats me up. lol.


she'll be forgotten in a year or two, so hopefully the coke thing won't negatively affect too many kids.

she's a product. not much else.

Michael Meade

Well, I don't know if I totally agree with Jim or not. Her music is pretty darn good, and we might be seeing her on the MTV or VH-1 top 100 musicians of the 2000s in about 20 years.

But as far as the cocaine use, I think she should have just said she was holding it for a friend! (I'm kidding!)

Personally, I don't want to parade my vices in front of my fans. I don't even drink or smoke (anything) around the fans. I carry a water bottle around with me (that really has water in it) and that's it.

Now I will admit, that I am not at Lady GaGa's status, but I know that people watch me, and I want to be a good influence.

Look at Clayton Moore (the guy who played the Lone Ranger), he kept that mask and white suit on till the day he died.

I don't know. Maybe when you are too far up there in popularity, maybe the only people who will hang out with you are the ones that just hang out with you for the drugs, booze and women. But I've never been quite THAT popular!


Dave Booda

I've always found that one of the most interesting things about Lady Gaga is that she is very hard to knock. There are plenty of artists out there who do things for shock value but for some reason Lady Gaga pulls it off so well! I believes she's genuine, and maybe I'm wrong but if that's the case she has me and a lot of other people fooled.

As far as the cocaine thing I think following up her statement with something like "but cocaine is a dangerous drug, it's not something to mess around with" might have softened her statement. As far as her fan base is concerned, she's not Taylor Swift, and her act does not in any way cater to a teen audience, although it certainly attracts them. That being said, I wasn't crazy about Taylor Swift's last video "Mine" where she gets married and has kids... I think that sends a pretty strong subliminal message to her fans (which ARE teens). Here's the video if you haven't seen it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPBwXKgDTdE

Also to respond to Jim, I have to disagree, she's going to be around for a long time... well, just as long as she doesn't do too much coke!


David Hooper

Have not seen the Taylor video, but have heard the song and was thinking, "Taylor is trying to move from a teen artist to an adult artist."

Never thought about it the way you have, but it's something to think about, for sure...

Is she just playing to the demographic and typical "female fantasy" or having kids or is the part of what is creating these things?

Dave Booda

I think you're absolutely right in that she's working to grow up a bit. It's a tough call, because she'll certainly never be "blamed" for talking about getting married and having kids, after all, there's nothing wrong with that. It's a little like blaming Brad Paisley for glorifying alcohol, he's not helping, but in reality he's just a reflection of the society we've built for ourselves, just in the same way Taylor is just playing to the typical "country" stereotypes.

I guess as an artist myself I try to have a deeper appreciation for the impact I can have on the world. It's hard to carve your own path and say what people NEED to hear, not just what they WANT. Speaking of Lady Gaga... she's someone who I admire for doing just that.

David Davenport

To me, as long as our society craves guidance from very young adults frequently living an out-of-touch lifestyle (pro athletes and pop stars) we're going to get messages that disappoint those who think that all this young, unbridled talent comes equipped with a guidebook or mature sense of responsibility. Forget about it! This isn't new, we just seem to forget we've seen it before.

If the adults in the room don't pass the buck when it comes to talking with our kids about drugs and personal choices, we should be fine. It clearly isn't up to Lady Gaga to raise our children. She's just a few years past being a kid, herself.

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