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July 17, 2010



I ws just talking about this to my dad actually. Craigslist is a good place to find other players. I've realized that producers don't look for studio players on craigslist. But, craigslist is a great way to meet like minded people who would also rather be jamming than typing on craigslist. the feast is always better than the hunt.


I know of a couple bands that got together on Craigslist. It's actually a great way to get started and begin networking. You never really know who is out there looking and what will become of things. The more exposure you get the greater the chance of being noticed.


Craigslist has always been a disaster for us but at least you'll probably meet some INTERESTING new people. I think the best way is to go see some bands and find out who's cool. Chances are you'll find some one really talented that's unsatisfied with their current situation, or just wants another project to work on. Plus you get to see a real audition.

I would also use this opportunity to see how they really are in a venue situation. Someone who is drunk off their ass by the time they hit the stage is probably someone you won't want to work with no matter how great they are sober.

Autonomous Industry

Used a few online tools to find band members. Join my band is usually spammed with musicians who don't really wish to play with other musicians, too many dead ends.

Thanks for the heads up!


think its a great idea to try and find band members here, thats what I'm doing to help my son, who plays fantastic bass! But ya have to look locally, I suppose.

J. Black

I have searched Craigslist in the past for opportunities and collaborations and sometimes it works. I prefer sites like Reverbnation, Band Mix, and Music Connection because artists music, and videos are already there and I believe that you can get a pretty good idea of how serious someone may be about the music business. I recently Got an awesome opportunity to be part of a recording project with some well known Hip-Hop artist all because of my profile on Reverbnation.(And it wasn't a pay to submit situation, they found me)

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