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June 21, 2010



David, great advice. I think Imogen is brilliant and what she is doing with the Live improv thing is absolutely brilliant and selling it the next day for a local charity in-dear's her to her audience. What I think about the improv it's terrible, but that doesn't matter they will still buy it again Brilliant if someone like Mac Davis with the way he improvised back in the day was to capture that on tape and sell it would be album's worth. I say all this to day Good on ya Imogen for what your doing. Brilliant marketing. Get better at improv though

David Hooper

Yeah, the improvised isn't as good as what she records, but keep in mind that she is working with what the audience gives her. For the Nashville show, it was 3/4 time and a minor key...certainly different from what she normally puts out.

I think the fact that it's not perfect is actually very cool as it shows the amount of work she puts in to get the stuff on the album to the level it is. That isn't always obvious and I think people will find it encouraging that, with a bit of work, they may be able to come up with something just as polished.


I've always loved Imogen Heap, but this brought it to a whole new level for me. Brilliant, and the fact is that artists aren't so far above the general population as we used to let them be. The audience wants to be cared about now.
I think it's a good development.

Great post about a great artist.

Pam Mark Hall

Love the concept. Part of the endearment to the audience is the vulnerability of the artist. This is definitely taking a risk and even if the improv is not great, the audience is going to love you just for trusting them that much.

Pam Mark Hall


I can't agree more with you on this one. I think more than anything else, there has to be chemistry between the artist and the fans. The greatest appeal that you can have with your music is your connectivity with your fans. The fans will serve as your duet being an artist. If that duet proves to be successful, then you will also be as an artist.

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