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April 09, 2010


Michael Annotti

Thanks David - I hope all is well with you, I recently have been working on getting live video of performances put together on a dvd, also on releasing recordings of the sessions and unmixed acoustic versions of the songs on my new album, thanks for the great article, peace.


Hi David,

This is so true. I think sometimes artists underestimate what their fans would buy from them. The key word is monetization here. Artists should review the entire process of what they do and try to monetize the ones that are of most value to their fans. How would they know what their fans like? All they have to do is just ask them.


Great post David.

Many artists and other creative professionals need to start looking at their process and production lines and think 'How can I monetize this?'

Then by asking their fans what they'd want, they can work out which items are of value and sell them direct to them. A win/win for everyone for sure!

Jhony keys

That's a great Idea David! we musicians really focus a bit too much on ourselves, we need to really please our fans with any little bit of Info they want about us and make money doing it too. Thanks again, God bless!

Jeff Celentano

I completely agree. I actually help musicians and entertainers promote,market and monetize themselves on the internet with video enabled tools that help connect them with thier audiences in a more personal way. Instead of the usual boring text email campaign, why not use video email? You would rather talk than type and your audience would rather watch than read. Also, what about webcasting your writing and/or rehearsal sessions and charge a small "access fee" for participating in the creative process with the band? How about personalized video email greetings from you to the fans? If you have even a small list, you can monetize that list with cool, intereactive, personal and inexpensive items that could dramatically effect your bottom line. Anyone interested in learning more about any one of the above mentioned services, please feel free to drop me a line at jeff@jeffsounds.net

Jackie Henrion

These are some way cool ideas. I tried one of them recently at a festival by creating a cd of the demo versions of my new songs and buying the cd entitled the buyer to a free full production cd when it comes out. This way I got e-mails as well. Since I performed the new songs, the demo album was sold as a hand-crafted limited edition. People loved it.

Matt Skitzki

David, thank you for your comments. Almost every musician I know is a musician first and a business person later, myself included. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated!

Also found your tips for a CD release party useful - I received those through Oasis. Thanks again!

Shane Jackson

Hi, saw a interesting product for musicians that have product for sale. It's from a company called square up and the product is called square. Its a little free from the company credit card reader that plugs into a iphone, ipad or android phone headphone input. Square then allows the musician/artist to take credit cards while charging a fee of 2.75% + $0.15 per transaction. The money is wire transferred to a checking account of the musicians choice when the balance => $10. The link for anyone interested is http://squareup.com. Im not affiliated with square in any way just thought it would be a easy convenient way for musicians to be able to accept credit cards for cd's merch etc...


The music industry is such a precarious business. You have to be on your toes to keep up with it. Thanks for sharing these information. I never get tired reading your posts because it gives me perspective on things.

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