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March 24, 2010


Mark Elsworth

St. Louis Mo. Sugar Bear Trio.
The entertainment business is lacking education for entertainers.
We are all too quick to bullet the {I Agree} without reading
licensing of products posted for sale or airplay.
There are over 10,000 licensing organizations that collect royalties for artists.Artists that post all casting positions
products that do not belong to the specific licensing organization where products are posted will never receive a penny!
http://www.SonicBids.com posted that of 10,000 members of their
organization were owed more than 4 million dollars of unpaid
royalties from licensing organization http://www.SoundExchange.com alone. The United States of America owes our culture a minister of art.Part of public education payed for by tax payers does not teach a class
on what to do even with a music or business degree on how to collect royalties for one of the most beloved entrepreneurs
of our country,the entertainer.
Thank you,
Mark Elsworth
Sugar Bear Trio
http://www.sugarbeartrio.com {101 distribution link, product released 10/16/2009 so far not received a dime}

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