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December 05, 2009


brett at detone8

I never though of asking someone to be a spokes person just to get publicity. It's really smart. I'm going to have to steal that idea.

Keith Mohr

David, a few years back my Indieheaven.com organization gave away $20,000 to one of our members to record an album with a well known Christian music producer. Its was a no strings attached scholarship, and my marketing angle was that we signed a band to stay indie. I promoted the you know what out of it and our membership to Indieheaven increased over 300% and we made our money back and then some. It was a neat experiment to see if we could create some buzz and do some good. It worked.

Dan B

Not me personally, but the Balloon Boy scandal seems worth talking about here. It all happened in the town I'm from, Fort Collins CO. The family who told news crews their son was floating all over the state in a bizarre balloon when he was in the attic the whole time. Just for the publicity. oops.

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