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November 23, 2009


Karol Thor

Depending on when in January it was set up for, I would be really interested... Airfare from Winnipeg to Nashville isn't cheap!

I'd love to know of easier ways to come up with cross-genre songs that don't have to be changed for the different genres ie: Country-RnB, Pop-Country, etc.

Great idea!

art dickerson

Please send more information on this workshop at artist@paris.com. It sounds interesting. Thanks.

Art Dickerson


I'd love to. Let me know...ian3xA@hotmail.com

Patrick Noonan

Are you at all familiar with UStream? I am way up in Boston but would still love to catch the workshop, and I'd be willing to bet there's others like me that would definitely attend but are too far away for it to be practical. So, since it's free anyway, it would be awesome to open it up to the online music community and just stream the event online, I'd be willing to help if possible, my e-mail is patrick.noonan@yahoo.com

Phil Johnson

Ditto that Dave. Sounds like a really cool thing. I'm already pretty booked up for Jan and none of my runs are taking me near Nashville. I would love to catch it online somewhere though. Even if it's a recording after the fact.

Derek Sanders

I'm definitely interested. I write music all day and it's difficult to find r&b lyric writers here. I'm a novice when it comes to lyric writing. This would be a huge help in my development. dknows2@aol.com

J.R. Journey

I'd be very interested in attending this seminar myself. Have been listening to the podcasts of Music Business Radio for about a year now, though I've missed some of the most recent ones due to being very busy. I'll keep checking back as the date becomes closer and more details are available.

The main thing I would like to learn more about, in the songwriting medium, would be creating melodies for the lyrics. With the few songs I've written, the lyrics come first and I need a collaborator to clean up the melody.

Thank you for offering this learning experience. I am looking forward to it.


Yes, I'd be interested.


I would be interested. This sounds like an interesting concept.

Jan Seides

I really like this idea, and the streaming idea too. I probably can't go to Nashville in January, but I could be glued to my laptop (especially on a weekend) if the seminar was streamed. Let me know: pandaproductions@yahoo.com

Danielle Ibsen

I'm interested in hit song writing & getting it to people who care about good songs :-) Really, how do you define a hit song-there are so many horrible songs that become hits. I think it may boil down to who you can get your song to...

Mary Jennings

Hey David! I would love to do this! Depending on when it is in January, I am all over it! Let me know if I can help at all. mary.jennings@gmail.com
Love, Mary Jennings

Ronnie Lowe

I would love to come. please keep me informed. Writing is something that takes time talent and creativity. I love learning new techniques and putting them to use.

Terry Trice

I would really love to make it to Nashville for such an event but I will not be able to plan for it at the moment.

However, I will have my ears and eyes open on learning and being enlightened when it comes to honing the craft of songrwriting or performing in the meantime. I won't loose my focus on what I have for new material in the studio for the future!


I would be very interested in attending this event David.Patricio

jhony keys

very much so...but I need the exact date so I can plan accordingly.


Ronnie Lowe

Id love to come.

"AK" Hip Hop's Role Model

I'm right here in Atlanta So give me a date I'm there "Ak" Hip Hop's Role Model my main focus is writers block, structuring songs to sound very different.. www.myspace.com/hiphopsrolemodel Holla Dolla!

David Penn

Sounds great, I would like to take part in this. One question, though - is this just geared toward lyrical content or will it involve melody as well? As you know, if you don't wrap someone in with a catchy melody, the lyrics won't matter at all, and goodbye hit song :)

David Penn

Leol Williams

Sure! I will be up to it, but I am all the way in New York. How about taking it on the road, so when ever you get to NYC, you can rest asure I'll be there.


I would be interested.

Tom Jones

I'm down. I will check with them, but I have 2 others, an artist and a fellow songwriter, that may want to attend as well. This sounds like a perfect event to attend for me because I can never finish any of my songs, whether it's lyrics or just instrumentals. I can't complete my ideas. If I do "finish" the song, I always feel like the end result could be much better, though I don't know where to go from where I left off.

Also, another problem I know I have is what I'll call "creative insecurity". I back myself into a corner of doubt, which shuts down my creativity process because I'll worry about if what I'm writing is valid. Examples of internal conversations would be: WIll anyone like this? The words I'm saying are too simple. The words I'm saying are too complicated. I have too many rhymes. I have too little rhymes. You get the idea. It's like I keep asking myself if what I'm doing is valid because I'm so worried about if anyone will like what I do. The end result is total meltdown after writing a line or 2, and the session is over.

I took Music History 3 in college just last year, and was amazed at the 20th century composers such as John Cage. Not so much because of the music itself, but more so because they stood behind what they did until the very end.

Sorry for the rant, but maybe you guys could help myself and others who may have some of these problems. I think this event would be totally invaluable. See you in January!


This would be a great seminar to have on a monthly basis! :-) Since I won't be comin' to February :-)

David Hooper

These techniques will work for anything, but are probably best for lyrics, in my opinion. Keep in mind that this guy is an expert on creativity, not songwriting. The work he does focuses on you being able to get your message/story out.

More details soon...

David Hooper

It's doubtful we'll be streaming it as we're still working out the kinks and this is really just a "test" of everything in a seminar setting. We may stream it in the future, but only when it's more polished.

Hope you'll be able to make it down.

E W Cerise

I would definately be interested to attend the beta test.

George Sladek


William Rieske

I say yes.


As long as there's not an important prior engagment, and my car will take me there I'm coming!

I'd like to know more on how to get those awesome new songs heard by people way to busy to hear them.

Thanks Dave!


This sounds like a sweet ideal. Anything to write songs better and faster.


The Myers Brothers Band would be interested.. Let us know if you make it happen.
Thanks man,


Thanks for your constant focus on the music, it's refreshing to see such zeal.

Uncle Indie

iTunes blows anyway, thanks for the info.

I had this weird thing I was doing that seemed to fit in with our drive-by society when it comes to music.

For the longest time I kept writing songs where the hook was right up front instead of in the chorus, or at least the music part of the hook was the lead off on the song. Then I thought about the business I am in, selling music, and how people listen to 15 secs of the song and jump to another, then it hit me... I was creating a song writing method for the 21st Century! If you hook 'em right away instead of the customary V. V. Chorus, you might get them to listen to whole song.

It's an idea anyway.

Paige Presley

I'm in!

Paula B

David I think this is a great idea. If its going to be several events I could plan to come. I now live in Florida and the trip would be long. I have friends in Atlanta, so I could plan.

Just send me an e-mail.


Josh Bonano

I would love to be part of this, David! Let me know about any information when it becomes available.

Dee Worley

I'm interested, if I can--depending on the day/time.
Sounds great!


Mike said:
keep me up on the time & date- I'm in town-

Norval Henderson

I am most interested in this program but am more interested in the pitching side of this business.

Of course I'd like to improve my writing skills by improving all of the areas you mentioned in the email sent to me but, getting my stuff heard is a grand part of my problem.

I am not an entertainer, a singer or a musician of any sort. I am a songwriter and without any published works, I am not being taken serious as even that.

I'd like to know how even I could be taken serious as a songwriter. Just something I would like to have addressed at the seminar.


Karol Thor

So, is this going to happen???

David Hooper

Yes! We have had to push the schedule back a bit though, since I'll be in Las Vegas next week.

I will keep you posted!

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