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August 03, 2009


Paula Benson

David I totally agree with you on practice, a look, and PR. Those things made a difference with my shows. Tho other things I did not try. Because the area I was in the genre of music was not Jazz. I lived too far at the time for other Jazz Bands.

I think you for this information. I will continue to read and apply for my good.



Great tips ... Very straight forward and usable. Photos and videos of your show are especially awesome, because it's extra content for your fans to experience while browsing your site/flickr/myspace etc.


As a 40 year veteran of professional music, I find MOST ofthese tips to be excellent. The one exception is number one. Nothing spoils a gig worse than having a stale, over-rehearsed band onstage. It's good to practice some, but after that, the band should just improvise and jam together instead. Guaranteed the gig will be better for it.

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