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August 17, 2009


Steven Wylie

"Selling out" works. I like it. ;-)

Phil Johnson

It's not like Gene to be so late to the party. I expected them to do this a couple years ago.


KISS rules....So what if they sellout? Damn right they sell out every single night.

Good luck with the new album boys! ROCK N FUCKIN ROLL!

David Hooper

The only thing I feel is a mistake here is them re-recording songs. Do you want the 2009 version of "Beth" or the one from 1976, which went to #1?

Maybe they're doing reggae versions, or maybe dance remixes, or duets with Lady Gaga? I'd rather have any of those than a new recording of the same thing I already have.

I get why they're doing it on a business level, since they own the recordings of the new versions. Just seems like a slap in the face to fans though.

Of course, you seem like a bigger fan than me, so if you're ok with it, maybe others are also...


Hmmm, yeah I don't know about re-recorded versions ... But I'm totally not surprised that Gene would structure a deal like this. Gene's pure biz.

David Hooper

He is a smart guy, so I'm hoping there is something there to make it worth people who purchase it.

There are a lot of bands who are doing this. If you look at Amazon, and read the reviews, you'll see that the people buying the songs (thinking they're originals) can get really pissed.

Starship has a few albums like this. Also look up acts like "Old School Players" on iTunes, who are making a killing by selling "soundalike" versions.

The issue is really this-- there is no advantage to buying a cover version EXCEPT for the band recording them. The cost or the original or the cover is still $.99, so why not go with the one you know and love?

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