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July 11, 2009


Ron Carr

Honestly, I couldn't sit through the first one. I thougt it was kinda stupid. My personal preference. The second one though is a good idea. Gives a "catch up" on her life while still promoting her new stuff. Good stuff man! Thanks for the posting!

David Hooper

Are you a fan? Probably not... That is something to keep in mind. Fans love this stuff.

Just the trailer would be effective, but doing a "drip" of videos is 100x more effective.

It's been over two years since her last album. She's not an artist who tours all the time or does a ton of media, so without these videos, a lot of people would have lost interest.

Most indies are in the same situation. Not a lot of things going on to keep them in on the minds of people. Unable to do a cost-effective tour, media doesn't cover them, etc. Videos like this, letting people know what's up, can be a game-changer.

Ron Carr

That is very true. I've never even heard of this person until now. There are a lot of things indies can do though to keep people on their minds I think.

These are some of the things I was thinking about doing (granted, I will be in the Air Force in a few months, so I will have a steady income to do these things) -

-Starting a webshow. Something like that would keep you on people's minds. You could interview local bands and they will make sure to tell people about the videos (which, by extension, will get people on your channel). Make sure your videos are marketed on the show in the beginning or the end.

-Gig constantly. I can't remember where I heard it but in some towns/cities only let you book so many shows a month. If that is true, put together a game party (Halo/Call of Duty) and put together live music, such as your own.

-Do contests. Hundreds of "Battle of the Bands" and Open Mic contests are out there. Winners usually get money (I've seen one in Utah where they gave 1 hour of free studio time).

This is just the start of my list at the moment (not posting the full one obviously). I think it would be hard to pull most of this off unless you are in a particularly well off situation like I will be.

In any case... I see your point with the videos. She's just a little chaotic for me, haha.

Madeleine Bloom

I've been following Imogen's vblogs from the beginning and her following by fans which has grown immensely through the video blogs, her tweets and so on. Her upcoming album 'Ellipse' is on #2 of the iTunes Electronic Charts already (or was yesterday at least). Although of course you have to keep in mind that she's been with labels before which helped her built a fanbase quite a lot.

I do think people want to get insight into a musician's life because they're curious and if the videos are entertaining and informative they'll check back regularly and feel more emotionally connected.

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