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June 26, 2009


drew Roberts

I was looking for One Honest Heart, thought I would Save The Best for Last but you were all like, "Let’s Wait Awhile". I was going through Different People, each time thinking I was One Step Closer, thinking Possession is nine tenths of the law. Iris was Hella Good even if I did have to throw out the baby with the Bathwater when she left me Cryin' in the November Rain. I heard Somebody say "Here We Are, Welcome to the Jungle!" So I shouted out, "Run Baby Run! The Rhythm is Gonna Get You! It's Coming Out of The Dark!" We were Faithfully Building a mystery but I was a Basket Case and then you said, "Don’t Stop Believin', Pour Some Sugar on Me!" These days it's just Bills, Bills, Bills, Now and Forever.

What an image that is huh?

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