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June 19, 2009


Howlin' Hobbit

We're all pretty sure that this is the last, desperate thrashings of a dying dinosaur.

Good riddance.


It would be nice for a change, to see how RIAA pursue at least a couple of the big four mayors executives kids or relatives, and find out 'how many' songs they have downloaded. If RIAA wants to make real money, they should be there.

Can You imagine putting together all the spoiled sons and daughters from this top executives, get their computers, iphones and ipods and check how much illegal music is downloaded from them?

Just think if they have lets say 2,000 songs, well that´s an amazing 1,6 BILLION !!!!!

Marre S.

If the RIAA spent as much money soliciting sponsors to support free downloads (like Reverb Nation just did with Microsoft) maybe the songwriters and artists will actually make some money. I think the RIAA is just justifying a myriad of jobs for lobbyists running around Washington. I cannot imagine what they have spent on pursuing this endless street since they started back in ? 1999? They could have hired the top people in the music and web industry to figure this out by now for a lot less money. Meanwhile, the ones who are really suffering are the songwriters.
They need to wake up and face the fact that as long as there is the internet and more and more people knowing how to pirate, it's never going to end. What does prosecuting some woman in the midwest going to do? Absolutely nothing but give the RIAA (and the people pursuing this endless street) a reason to exist and spend members money.

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