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June 09, 2009


Keith Mohr

LOL, David. you are too funny!
Good point.


That video is amazing!! Unbelievable man!

The even crazier part to me is seeing the people sitting by the superfan getting up and joining him after 50 people are already with him. Ridiculous, but this is a huge insight into the crowd mentality!

Great post David. I follow your stuff, but haven't ever commented until now. This one is powerful!

Danielle Ibsen

David, I dig your insights about Music, but enough about the Christians, etc. That sounds ignorant...

Let's keep this forum about Music-whadaya think? :-)

David Hooper

Thanks for your comments.

I was referring to documentary movies, such as Hell House.

From the description at Amazon...

"Hell Houses are a distinctly American phenomenon which began in 1990 just outside of Dallas, at the Trinity Assembly of God Church. The original Hell House was conceived as a modern-day fire-and-brimstone sermon. Today, this religious ceremony of sorts is replete with actors, extensive lighting equipment and full audio-visual tech crews. Inside the Hell House, tour guides dressed as demons take visitors from room to room to view depictions of school massacres, date rape, AIDS-related deaths, fatal drunk driving crashes, and botched abortions. Hell Houses have now spread to hundreds of churches worldwide. With full access to the behind-the-scenes action, HELL HOUSE follows the process from the first script meeting until the last of the 10,000 visitors passes through the Hell House doors. The movie gives a verite window into the whole process of creating this over-the-top sermon, while showing an intimate portrait of the people who fervently believe its message. The film also features a score by Bubba and Matthew Kadane, formerly of the band Bedhead."

http://www.amazon.com/Hell-House-Aria-Adloo/dp/B000092T6A/ for more info.

How is that ignorant?

Mark Crowley

Excellent article...I just circled back to read it. This is so true! If you can find just ONE fan who will go to the end of the Earth to help you promote your band, they can help turn it into a movement.

Sophia Moon

Hi, I'm an independent singer/songwriter... ready to release my first music video and just chanced upon this site... GREAT ADVICE! and so relevant!! I will be checking back often for more updates. ;)

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