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January 01, 2009


Austin Wagner

Very intriguing post. I definitely can see the online releases and the abandoning of albums happening. With social networking rising as much as it is, I think more online marketing with those networks will be happening. This would cater to online releases and a more singles-based business.

Dana from Serious Vanity Music

I think he's spot-on on a lot of points, though it's sad Zune kind of got a bad start to the year. I personally don't understand why the future Big 3 (that's going to be sooner than later) haven't been doing Online-1st releases all along. With cash flow seemingly at the forefront of everyone's minds, these initial, lower investment selling methods could create the revenue to fund the physical releases, as well as provide fantastic marketing statistics for how much product to produce based on the initial demand.

But :::sigh:::, they're just major labels. How would they know this? ;)

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