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December 03, 2008



Interesting revenue source, but how about potential payola charges? ;-)

Jimmy Winter

This is a great post! Its an interesting outlet that myself and I'm sure many others had never thought of before.


cool idea I wonder what kind of persistence you need to get going.

Universal Indie Records

The strip club is where a lot of modern day hip hop songs are broken. Southern artists have known this for a while.

Great article.


How would I get payed once my music breaks into the club scene & keeps getting Played?

Micah Zumar

Yes Armando raises a good question. How exactly does getting a song played in a strip club = a recurring revenue stream? Strip clubs aren't like radio stations who submit playlists for royalty collection. Please advise

David Hooper

Strip clubs have to pay performance royalties, just like a radio station or other business.


If the song is popular it'll spread to different clubs. I think the dancer approach is best because sometimes they travel to different clubs and even different states.

You could also give them a band shirt and they'll customize it to look fly and sexy and wear it as an outfit.

Once the song is popping the clubs will pay you to perform at the club. Promoters are looking for any and all types of entertainment to compete with other promoters. I'm speaking of Miami where there's 100 parties going on every day of the week.

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