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October 05, 2008


Anthony Burbidge

Hi David,

Bless you for this!

I'm just putting the finishing touches on my new disc and will release it next month.

For years now, my audience has been telling me things like, "I can just hear this song in a movie..." and it's been my intention to explore this avenue fully once my CD is complete.

So, your timing is perfect!



Happy Ron Hill

Once again you come through with great information. Right now I'm exploring Music Libraries and have been accepted into one already and am balancing that with possibilities of publishers.


This sounds very interesting. I can't wait. Thank you!

Lou Lombardi

dumb ass question here... what is a feed? I tried to subscribe but got an error message saying I was already subsribed. How do I get the feed? I don't see it in my email.

David Hooper

Good question about the feed. http://www.musicmarketing.com/subscribe.html has more info, which I hope you'll find helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know.



I've already placed my style of hip-hop/jazz on many cable television channels that dig that stuff since 2005. (MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Biography, A&E...the list goes on) However, I'd really like to learn about new avenues, getting into major network placement, or even a national advertising campaign. I recieved a taste of success on a minor level, now I want step up my game!


I've been intending to get involve with some of your e-mails for a while now, sorry it took so long. I have published two books and have a music catalog of more than 80 songs that I mostly listen to in my car. I have published some on my website and a few other site but I haven't had a great deal of success being heard. I clearly lack the marketing skills that will get me out the unemployment line.

Thanks, keep the info coming'


Keith Kehrer

My interest would be in finding better ways to create residual income stream to have a more consistent income from the licensing. If you have read the 4 hour work week then you can get an idea of what I looking for. Us musicians tend to keep chasing after gigs, work for hire scoring, selling CD's, teaching etc... It would be a tremendous benefit to have a solid base income which allow you to pursue things that interest you and appeal to your creative soul. Jonathan Wolf the guy who wrote the Seinfield theme retired by the time he was in his 40's.


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