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August 05, 2008


Doctor Oakroot

This scares me a little. I trust Derek - he's proven himself over and over again as an advocate for independent music.

I like Disc Makers and have done a few CD projects with them, but they don't have Derek's track record (no one else does IMO).

On the other hand, change is necessary for growth, so I guess we're growing. And that's a good thing.

Prince Moore

I don't think anybody can do the job as well as Derek Sivers. I can only hope that the new guys will keep Dereks hi standards.

I want to thank Derek for helping Myself and Yve Evans make money and always giving more than promised. That is very rare these days!

Dana from Serious Vanity Music

It will definitely be interesting to see where it goes. As artists and business people, we must realize that the business, just like everything else, is not 'static' and will change. I hope (and believe) most CD Baby artists will roll with the change and make the most of it.

Jason Poe

I've worked with both companies, and they're both great. I'm not worried about this at all. I'm excited about the new services Derek is working on.

Guido Negraszus

This doesn't surprise me at all. Derek mentioned some time ago that he hasn't been in the CD-Baby office for over a year or so. My first thought then was it's just a matter of time until he will sell the whole thing. If a boss doesn't go in the office of his own company for so long is never a good thing. My impression of CD Baby is that it could have progressed more considering the overall success. I am a very happy CD Baby artist and only hope the new owner doesn't screw up (I don't know them). Good luck with everything!

Sonya Heller

Everything that Derek has done for CDbaby has been born out of his heart, super clear vision, and with everyones abundance and success in mind. I trust his choices completely. He now has more time to explore new horizons and advise us as he always has on the latest technologies to watch for, and new/simple/ingenious ways of marketing our art. I've already signed up on his new site and can't wait to hear his latest thoughts.
He is a man who embraces personal wealth and humility and has taught me to strive for the same in my own life.

Jeng Music

It will be difficult for any company to live up to Derek's standards and I fear that a larger company won't give the personal touch that CD Baby did. I think DM is a leader in their field and provide a good service so I'm hopeful. I just hope the innovation in finding new ways to help musicians mareket themselves will continue. CD Baby is unsurpassed in this area.

Jan Seides

It concerns me a little because CD Baby has been SO meticulous and caring under Derek. I hope that won't change with new management. I've used Disc Makers and have no complaints, but I suspect Derek will be missed.

Anyway, I wish him the best future (a million of everything good, to paraphrase Derek himself)

Charlie Cheney

I think the bigger impact of this is how it will affect the mindset of musicians. Derek has yet again pulled off what perhaps one tenth of one percent of people have ever done... a remarkable and inspirational success story. A modern day Horatio Alger.

The overwhelming majority of small business owners start a company, become the company, and can never successfully leave the company. The fact that he has successfully done this is yet another example of his remarkable ability to beat the odds.

It won't surprise me at all if book publishers begin circling him for biography deals like they have in the past for Ray Croc, Sam Walton, Steve Jobs and the like.

Marina V

I hope they will continue operating CD Baby in the same way they did under Derek. Cute and personable.

Marc Gunn - Celtic Folk Music

I must admit it worries me a little. I've found Derek as a brand named CD Baby to be very reliable and worth using. But without Derek, we have to rely on the new company.

Admittedly, I could see far worse than Discmakers. They have been fairly dedicated to independent music. So that is a good sign. But there's just no telling where it'll go from here.

Time will tell.

Kimberly Taylor

Well I like both companies so I think it will be a great fit. I would love to see Derek get into the marketing, booking and management side of things.

Best of luck Derek!

Mr Brown  OnTop Records

CD baby has always mailed the checks quickly and they have never bounced. CD baby is what keeps a small label like mine with cash flo to keep my artist in the studio recording,photo shoots,and getting me world wide exposure. I hope the new guys keep there word to people like me who depend on our cd baby proceeds to us afloat.

John Pedraza

I think Derek has a lot of knowledge of the music industry and I don't think he would sell his baby to someone who would abuse it. I've done two albums with Disc Makers and have no complaints.

Lindsey Collins @ CD Baby

Hello Everyone,

I just want to say what Derek has said, the staff and operations remain the same here as always.

Derek's vision and philosophy are high standards that we intend to keep alive here.

Killer customer service is an important thing to everyone at DiscMakers too, and the cute quirkiness of CD Baby is instilled in all of our hearts and daily tasks.

I've been with CD Baby for 5 1/2 years now, I have learned an immense amount from working with Derek for so long, and none of the principles or values that he taught me about great customer relationships and the music business will ever be lost. We train all new employees in the original philosophy that Derek had, cause no matter what this is still his Baby! And hell, he's right about how to treat customers and clients, so why change that?

So please rest assured that the same client service team is here, the people that have been sending your music to iTunes since 2003 are here, the people mailing out your CDs are here and the most important thing --- an *extreme* passion for supporting independent music and musicians --- is definitely still here.

DiscMakers shares the same passion for independent musicians as we do, so it really is a perfect fit.

Feel free to e-mail us if you have any pressing questions about all of this, we'll get back to ya!


- Lindsey Collins

Patrick Arena

As an artist, CD baby has been truly priceless to me. And it certainly has my loyalties. My concern tho is this..I have also been a loyal customer of Oasis Cd manufacturing. I have come to depend on them for the same care that Cd baby has given me. I fear that there may be some conflicts of interest show up for those of us who do nlot use Discmaker as our manufacturer. I guess we wil have to wait and see how it all works out.
Patrick Arena

David Hooper

Patrick- Oasis was sold a couple of years ago and is owned by the same company which owns Disc Makers, so I think you're good. :)

Laurie Reese

It will be interesting to see if/how/when things start changing at CD Baby. New owners always put their "stamp" on things; I guess my main fear is that it will cut into artist's profits...


I hate that Derek sold the company but, I know he had all of us in mine based on who he sold the company to. I know he is around because I'vd gotten an e-mail from him on some things he is working on. (wow!!) Of course, I do business with Disc Makers and I've been pleased.

I am wishing Derek the best. Since he is a honest person he will do well on his next project. Oh, I hope all is well with the team players that worked with CDBABY.

I know some things will change that is just business. But DiscMakers does not seem to be just for money only. I like how they do business.

Kevin Michael

Knowing Derek, I'm positive that he would not sell his baby to any company that would not be loyal to his policies and run it as well as he has for all this time. I have no worries regarding the CDBaby sale. CDBaby is the best around for what they do and DiscMakers will not do anything to jeapordize that. Both companies will be around for a very long time. I'm quite glad for that.

Kevin Michael


I haven't been happy with the "cash-in" attitude CD-Baby has had the past few years (i.e. tying in with iTunes, only to turn around and re-sell the same service on their own site). They have left the indie scene behind and it's time for indie musicians to move on.


Thanks for the support, folks. I promise we'll take good care of CD Baby. There's a great overlap of CD Baby's customers and Disc Makers' customers. Yet, we'll keep CD Baby independent. Other duplication companies like Oasis and others around the country who have been sending their customers can rest assured that their customers' privacy will be respected. And no, we'll never make it mandatory for someone to make CDs with Disc Makers to get to sell CDs and downloads on CD Baby.

CD Baby is 100% independent music. We'll continue to make decisions that are good for artists, and will work hard to provide additional channels for artists to sell their music.

Stick around, it'll be an exciting ride.

Tony van Veen

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