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August 06, 2008


Phil Johnson

Hilarious! I'd much rather listen to a singer that doesn't fit the mold of AI. Those singers all come our sounding the same..

Can we talk about more greats that would never get on there? Mick Jagger, Prince, Bob Dylan, Steven Tyler, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix? Good lord, David Byrne?

See rock and pop music is not about having a good voice. It's about having an interesting voice. And that's what's missing on AI. Who gives a damn if it's "pitchy" as long as it's effective?

mr. meeble

I hate American Idol, but...
I think if a younger Prince were to show up on American Idol, he would demolish the competition and win easily.

John Pedraza

We give too much attention to American Idol. Not a fan of David Lee Roth anyway. American Idol designed for corporate music and it's popularity shows how mediocre American music has become. What would Simon have thought of John Lennon? Janis Joplin? You get the point. It's aimed at the average mediocre American who there are plenty of. John- an American.


Now THAT's funny! Thanks for getting me in the mood for the new season of AMERICAN IDOL!

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