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June 25, 2008


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Jim Offerman

Dude, sending in CDs? That's like, so 1999! :P

My new CD isn't out for another year... guess you'll just have to wait, or start accepting MP3s as well ;)

David Hooper

Just burn it on a CD-R. :)


Looks like this site needs to be bookmarked to get the "insiders view" on the music industry... good stuff

Marla Lewis

David, I sent you my Cd weeks and weeks ago. Have you gotten to it yet? I bet you receive 100's every day!

Also, a month or so ago, you told me to stand by for a call from you, but it never came.

I have been trying to send you this message via e-mail, but no response. Please respond.

Juan Cabrer

Hello David: Thanks for your message. I will surely send you a copy of "Good Things" by Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society for your show consideration.

I'm also finished a new cd titled "After Hours". Wnen it's done I'll let you know about it and I will send a copy of that one too.

Thanks for yor attention.


Juan Cabrer
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society

Sáloa Farah

iam living in Brazil, would like to send you my Cd. Can i?

Sáloa Farah - "Delicadeza"
The singer and composer Sáloa Farah charms the audience with her recordings of the brazilian popular music which is remarkable due to the finest sounds and styles that she presents. Her debut cd entitles "Delicadeza" is the sounding register of this twenty-one carioca singer in the brazilian musical scene.
The diversity of this album is the proof of Sáloa Farah's talent and after it; there are no questions about her ability and passion when she sings. Her heart is not a song of only one sort of music, but it beats with intensity through swings and timeless songs. Highligted by a powerful voice, "Delicadeza" changes the simple with creativity, charming all kinds of audiences.
The CD project gathered famous artists recognized by their talent in the music scenario. Names as Roberto Menescal, Abel Silva, Jorge Vercilo, Altay Veloso, Paulo César Freital, Edson Ribeiro, Mombaça, Toninho Geraes, Raimundo and Bernardo Bittencourt as well as others are part of Farah´s opening CD.
Sáloa Farah presents her vocal intensity with personality which gives life to the twelve songs of this cd repertoire (note: among the twelve songs, ten are complete unpublished works). As a result, the CD is formed by a variety of songs that in a special way gives cohesion to the album. Listening to “Raios da Manhã” (Morning Rays) with the lyrics of the singer and composer Jorge Vercilo and “Gesto de Mulher” (Woman Gesture) by Roberto Menescal and Abel Silva which shows a light sound of the traditional bolero, as well as, “Nossos Laços” (our laces), “Se Você for Embora” (if you go away), “Sapatos Felizes” (Happy Shoes) and “Aquele Beijo Que Eu Te Dei” (That Kiss Which I Gave To You), we can notice the richness of this music selection and how Sáloa Farah gives a sophisticated touch to her performances.
"Delicadeza" gives a gift to the audience with moving performances in a such refined repertoire. Consequently, all this arragment unlocks our secret sounding doors guiding us to a place of beauty and pleasure surrounded by angels.

Jim Countryman

Latest cd's from Juicy Juju Records in Boston are being sent to you today. Lovewhip, electro dance rock ala B-52's meets MIA, fronted by Erin Harpe. Erin has a completely different side as well performing acoustic country blues. Her latest solo release Delta Blues Duets is also in the package.


Bones Jones

I've sent you a link to my iTunes radio station,send me a link and I'll send it to you direct.

David Hooper

We do not accept mp3 or online music. You need to send a CD. Thanks.

Send CD to:

Tuned In Broadcasting, Inc.
ATTN: Music Business Radio
1310 Clinton St. Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37203


Hi David Hooper i send you my cds about 3 weeks

Dianna Cristaldi

I am sending you my CD today. I will be in Nashville for the Americana Music festival and conference in September. Is it possible to to an in-person, on air interview? I will accommodate any date or time in September. Thank you for the consideration
Dianna Cristaldi

Fallen Leafs

Hello there David! You will soon recieve a 2 track cd from us. Hope you love our music!

/Fallen Leafs

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