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June 05, 2008


Doctor Oakroot

Yeah, I got that same email... "What a Bozo!" - hit the delete key.

I didn't analyze it enough to know why I thought it was bad, but your analysis matches my gut feeling about it.


i agree with you, david. "indie" does not mean it's ok to lower the bar on quality. to me, the marketing of this song/video does not seem as though it was very well thought out. indie musicians are faced with the challenge of using a high level of ingenuity and creativity in order to make up for their shoestring budgets.

i don't want to come off like a jerk, because i do admire the fact that amanda is taking a shot at music. it takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to pursue a position in the music industry, and anyone who has the drive to do it deserves respect. i hate to come off so critical. what i'm trying to do is be constructive.

again in my opinion, amanda should spend some more time in artist development, and honing the focus of her marketing. with aspirations of having the best music video of the year, also comes the consequence of the most abrasive scrutiny and judgement. this one does not get my vote...


I actually know this girl (she's good friends with my roommate) and I had no idea any of this ridiculous chain letter stuff was going on. She is a very talented girl-- I wish the video was more on par with her voice.


You nailed it on the head!

I got the same email and the giveaway was great... seriously impressive but was I going to spend a buck on some name I didn't know... nope so I checked out her video and I'm so glad I saved those 4 quarters from the garbage can.

Seriously the video and audio quality, story telling, and overall image wasn't up to par... I'm not here to beat down an artist but c'mon if you want the big stage you gotta have the chops for the big stage.

If her roots come from a marketing genius use those skills. Throw out some viral video, email campaigns, pimp your social networks... but don't grease the wheels in such and "obvious" way.

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