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May 12, 2008



Great tips, David! Also, offer fans something that they can ONLY get from the show. For instance:
* a bonus track CD
* special t-shirts
* a live DVD
* a bottle of the singer's sweat (usually free at my band's show)

Not only does this get some more people out, it increases merch sales.

I'm trying this out for the first time for a one-off show at the end of this month. I'll report back if it was effective or not.


Mark Crowley

Great advice, David. We like to do things like let the fans pick our set list. If they know what is going to be played, they seem to be more eager to come out to hear their favorite songs.
Low of the Low


People love free stuff. Advertising "First 20 people get a free _____" seems to help get a decent sized crowd in the venue early.

Thanks for the tips,

sir jorge

i used to own a record label and one thing that i hated was promoting for lazy bands. A lot of bands want to make it, but none of them are willing to pass out flyers or anything! So I usually would have to hit the ground running. The best way, even in the digital era, is to just go to a lot of shows with a lot of flyers in hand and that's about it.


nice post. These are the absolute basics for promoting a band, and sadly enough not all musicians take them seriously, just thinking that their talent only will do the trick.

A very interesting point you are making concerns opening for an established band a couple of weeks before the gig. Sharing the scene with other, or gig swapping is essential. You meet new bands, new venues, and above all you meet a new public!
I actually encourage any unestablished band to gig swap as much as possible, all the time if its possible. Its the fastest way to make a following in your home town and get to know the club owners.

We also have a blog set out to help the indie scene. check us out at:


Keep in touch



Thanks For the advice

Dan Hendricks

Excellent ideas. Networking with other bands, espcially ones that are in the same genre of music, where their fans would also like your music is a key.

One thing to add for "Advertising a giveaway at the show". Do a drawing for everyone that signs up to the newsletter, or gives their email. A t-shirt or CD.

Benny Buttons

Good article. Some giveaways might include inexpensive mp3 players with some of the band's music.


Being a former artist, we used to do similar things and they are very helpful. I actually now work for a site that can help. Fans post their reviews of the artists shows along with pics and vids they see in concert. So, instead of just telling them how awesome of band you are you can show them. In addition, your fans (through their reviews,pics and vids) also tell them how your band is a "can't miss band".

Check it:


bill smith

First revamp all communication pieces - resume, cover letter, email format, etc. Next, identified all of your contacts. Then, create a sound bite that could be quickly revamped for emails, in-person meetings, and even her bowling league. Make it easy for people to pass along.


Asking for favors with zero connection is not networking. It’s begging. Networking is about relationships - building them and maintaining them.


YES ,i do agree.Networking DOES work - offline or on. The important thing to remember is that it is a two-way street. Build and maintain the relationship.

Louis Earl

Lure fans with quality and the truth, not false promises. It enhances your chance and people will have more loyalty and spend more.


Controversies will automatically draw huge crowds, so try to generate one.

jack trimble

Do more and more shows in public be it be for free or money. first you need to popularize yourself then only people will be drawn towards you


good suggestions but they won't work until you implement them

K Dubbs

gather the spouse and kids. Let them know your plans and ask for their help. This can be your greatest asset when making such a transition.


Expect the unexpected.A sudden change of wind will help u out. Sometime people get bored with same old music and they try something different. This might your chance to make a mark


Good communication skill is necessary.Try to make bond with every one.Advertise in every possible way

Michael Torod

Good friend will help you in getting the word about your band all over the place. Key success always lies in determination so be fearless in whatever you do.

Popularize yourself by posting ads in every website, blogs, and forums. Also reply to the questions posed by fans. Relate to your fans and they will buy from you.


Give good offers to sell your albums. Give one album for free when a customer purchases other one. That is what my band does. If it's the same album, people give it to friends. If not, they have more music by us and keep coming for more.

hawk hudson

hi am bass player. I have been in the field for 2 yrs with a band tresspassers but ppl never follow. what do u think the problem is?


i think the problem lies in ur music.

John Stanton

Good advice. Your marketing strategy may be a flop. That is usually the problem. It's not your music.


Why can't every body become successful singers? It's not that they can't sing. It's because they're making bad business mistakes.

Sometimes!! Some people, as you know, can't sing. But that can be learned!!


good advice, but most lack zeal to do it. sad but true.


publicity is the key for drawing massive crowds.so make good contacts with journalists.Mass media can make u celebrity in an overnight.......once dat happens ppl will become crazy abt u


bring celebrities to your show...ppl will initially come to see them. And when they do, steal the limelite.

judy hopper

go to popular sites like you tube and upload your videos.......


people wil come 2 ur shows in big numbers only if dey are aware of u. So before new releases give ads in all possible channels


Quality is the foremost,.......if ur music is really good den no need for any ads or something like dat...people will automatically start following you

fredie jackson

try invent new and new stuff........because now what is luring people is "CHANGE"

leipus lennox

Yes i completely agree with you. People are now moving away from traditional music and are looking for niches. They don't want to be boxed in.

sam buchanan

Good marketing skills are necessary for drawing crowds. So try to market yourself through media both television and newspapers.

Also use internet to maximum possible extent. post your ads in blogs ,forums etc


Planning is the most essential part of marketing a gig. A well thought out plan should be devised and followed strictly to ensure good results.

Romie Little

it's good to let others know that about your gig early, because with so many things happening around you don't know what to do. one always has so many options to choose from. with that said, you don't want to let them know so early that they forget! :)

Ryan Tucker

Remember to choose the date you are performing your gig very wisely. You should ensure, that it is a day that people have free. For example, don't do a gig over a holiday when people are traveling.

Plan ahead also!! So many performances go half empty, because the band decided to play at the last moment.


Most flyers look the same. This makes for a lot of waste. An eye catchy flyer will make your gig stand out from the rest. Also, put on a coupon for a free drink. That has helped us a lot.


the best publicity is by word of mouth. tell one, tell everyone .. friends, family, uncles and aunts, people at work. this method of network marketing ensures great returns.


the internet is the solution to all marketing problems. marketing through the internet is the cheapest and most effective. sending out emails and posting ads can create a huge buzz.

Keith Shudder

Social networking sites are becoming a big part of our existence. Facebook, myspace and orkut are the leaders in this race. Publicizing gigs through these has been huge for us.

Kim Acorn

Communication is very important. communicating with people before the gig, telling them about your band and adding the personal touch will definitely lead to better results. Get to know your fans!!

Wendy Wozniak

great tips man .. especially the one about free stuff. i've been giving out i-pods and it totally works. We do a giveaway for one filled with our music at every show.

Andrew Jenkins

i agree with mark, having a survey of your fan base .. and letting them decide what they want to hear and playing that would be very effective.


i really liked the point about interaction with the other bands. its good to get known in your circuit. by opening for one another you keep making regular appearances and people get to know you.

Gary the Club Owner

i totally agree, the bands today don't take it on themselves to publicize themselves. they don't even bother to give out flyers. if they are not concerned, why should we be? I give them a place to play, but it's not 100% up for me to bring in people. I'm open 365 nights per year and need help doing this!!


giving out free stuff ... also helps a lot. you can have offers like - if you buy five tickets together, you get the sixth one free. or first fifty people get something. the crowd always loves to get free stuff.

Tommy Jackson

i agree, promotion is a very important aspect before the gig. it should be handled very carefully. one should not get the feeling that the promotion is a little too desperate.

Jack Creech

Apart from all this business stuff, is the music. if you don't have it .. then there's no point of all this. But know it takes both music and business to make this work!!

Jacob Oram

all these ideas given .. are pretty basic and known to all. you have to do something that will separate you out from the rest. do something unique, that makes you stand out in the crowd. Do something though!!! Just because it's basic doesn't mean you can sit around and not do anything.

George H

i'm a musician myself. to be honest, uptil now i never bothered to look at this side of the story. i always thought that it was someone else's job to do it, which probably explains why nobody is showing up at my gigs.

Thanks for the help on this breakthrough, everybody!!

Jim Parker

i think, isn't the musician's job to play the music. if he starts to concentrate on this, who the hell will play the music.

John Smith

the musicians only have to do this job initially. i feel, they should believe in themselves and spread the word. if they don't believe in themselves, how do you expect the others too.

Ten Adams

there are so many new artists coming up every day, the competition in this field is tremendous. just with the music, one can't make his mark. a proper business plan or an organised way as such to approach things helps a lot.

Tucson Bass Player

The give away's are a great idea. You do not need to pay for the stuff as there is always sponsors willing to give you stuff to give as a promo just to get their name mentioned. But don't forget to mention them. Another thing you can do is actually give out raffle tickets but require a email address on it and you will build your email list up fast. You have one of those right?


Lou  Lombardi

These are great ideas, but you posted an article (maybe it was a video) encouraging bands to advertise their shows on the radio. I am about to do this. Is there anything that I should consider...tips? Ideas? I'm about to lay down some serious bucks, and I want to make sure that I am getting my money's worth.

David Hooper

I've talked about radio ads in a few places. I know it was mentioned
in my first book.

Do you have any specific questions about the process? Please reply
here and I'll be happy to answer them.

alexis brooks

Try playing for a good cause, you do not have to be Bono to make a difference expand your audience beyond your friends and peer group, they can only sustain you for so long.


It's odd that artists like actors, always have a portfolio to show, while bands are often disorganized in their approach.
Nice Post!

Albert K Reid

This was pretty cool!


All very helpful tips! Another great idea is to really utilize useful sources like Facebook...it's free advertising right at your fingertips! I saw a band recently run a contest through Facebook that was pretty genius...they told their fans to change their profile picture to the poster advertising their CD Release Show and everyone who did so would be entered for a chance to win a free copy of the CD. This gave people incentive...and for every person that changed their profile picture they were advertising the show to that person's friends...people that probably would have never known about the show any other way!



You can also try posting it @ eventtap.com

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