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December 05, 2007



What a great honest article, and coming from the music industry to boot!!!! I would like to add one thing, it all comes down to great music that listeners that identify with, how many times have you heard a great song that you thought was written for you.


Well said, Vic. Making the most sense as one of the few voices in the wilderness, as always. If I could add someting, it would be to encourage the CEOs (and their minions) to take a good look around, rather than sticking their heads outside their back doors, and to try to work WITH people, not in spite of them. Also, to be prepared to do well enough instead of seeking the massive hit every time. That's the key to development.

There's a lot of great talent out there that has been badly let down over the years because either they haven't been 'found' or they have been viewed as not viable because of the lack of 'instant hit' potential. That's a short-sighted and ultimately destructive approach - ditch it.

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