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November 21, 2007



Hahahaha! I KNEW it was a scam from the start... Stupid Burnlounge!


So I guess no one wants to come back to defend Burnlounge? Here we are in June and now the Burnlounge website no longer exists. Hey, did those great movies and video games ever get released?

I always heard the Burnlounge folks mention Shaquille O'Neal. Can I download his rap about Kobe Bryant from Burnlounge?


Well, it looks like somethings stewing at the scam store known as Burnlounge. Go to the website now and they're advertising 3.0 coming soon. Question -- will they be giving the people they left standing out in the cold their "stores" back and allow them to start recruiting again, or will they just start all over with a new crop of scam artists?

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