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August 28, 2007



This is precisely the advice I've been giving people who come to my site expecting me to pay for everything. Granted, my record label doesn't sign acts in the traditional way. I don't give out an advance... But then, I don't "recoup" anything from their record sales either. They are paid their full royalty from every sale. This is despite the fact that they only have to pay 25% of the costs of the production and release of their record. I foot the other 75%. If I don't sell the records, I stand to lose the greater sum. So why are artists still so afraid to even invest only 25% in their business? Perhaps it is because they don't have it in their hearts to treat their music as a business.

As I recently said in response to a record deal enquiry ... "Try going to your bank manager to ask for a business loan with just a sheet of lyrics as collateral, and see what he says!"

Steven Neal Wagner



The only thing I got from this article is "You need money". Awesome catch 22 there. If you think "Passion" and "Hobby" are the same things, well then have fun making your money, I hope you don't sink into drugs and alcohol.

In the meantime I'll be working my two jobs and in my free time I'll be sitting on my "lazy" ass and making music. You try playing EDM live when you're in an area dominated by country music and pub rock.

There is a lot of truth in your article, but that bit about "sitting at your computer and never playing live" is hilariously untrue. This is the digital age "buddy". Playing live nowadays should be optional. Of course it helps, but digital sales is what really matters for the low overhead, and there are so many ways to achieve that now. Hell, you could start a twitter with a picture of a teenage girl and probably get great promotion that way.

My two cents. If you don't like it, then (as per your words) "Deal with it".

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