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June 26, 2004


Damien Byrne-TourniKuet

Marilyn Manson has been a huge inspiration for our band,TourniKuet. The Spooky Kids will live on forever.

Dante Chase

Marilyn Manson has also been an inspiration for my band too!

We Love you Rev! Don't ever change!


marilyn manson is my only true insparation and hero, he will live on in my soul, in my heart, and in my mind, no matter if they live or die, he will LIVE, no matter what...


hey, its me again... my band too is inspired by him!


manson is great lovin the new album cover.


=u smell of shit


he is the biggest faggot yet

josh segraves

Manson is the one thing that i will never let go in my heart.I will always stick with him.

Satan's Soldier

If you like Marilyn Manson, there is a band that you should check out. They are called TourniKueT. They sound like Manson's old stuff(Spooky Kids days). You can check them out at google.com (keyword: TourniKuet) or at their site: www.TourniKuet.mirrorz.com

satan's hero

unlike most singers his name will truely live on forever and no one can see that, when he die's he will be know even more for what he did for kids that felt like nothing he made us feel wanted, his voice might change and his look but he made the spooky kids and the marilyn manson band what it is today,they are one of the best rock and roll bands ever made he is and allways will be the shit he's probably helped alot of kids with there feel's and how to feel about this bullshit world we all love him in some way but mostly in his music.

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